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The UF Option Professor Pryor: Mansion Mystery
The UF Option Game

Twenty years ago United Federation violated an International Treaty. This rogue Federation had begun research into advanced weaponry, which was disallowed by the Treaty of Coalitions. The Coalitions who drafted and signed the Treaty were unaware of the UF advanced weapon program for seven years. Since that time roughly thirteen years ago, the Coalition has been unable to convince the United Federation to stop its research and development. The United Federation has been extremely defiant, and it has captured small Coalition forces attempting to sabotage the development program. After a time of debate, discussion, and long sessions, the Coalition has decided to invade United Federation lands to stop the rogue United Federation from additional research into advanced weaponry.

You have been given command of a small outpost on a small island to the Northwest of the United Federation. Two production cities and a shipyard have been secretly constructed. As your forces advance further inland, expect weaponry and firepower more advanced than our own. It is up to you to ensure that the United Federation is destroyed before they threaten the Coalition. Good luck, Commander.

Windows XP/Vista/7

Professor Pryor Mansion Mystery Game

The Allied Forces need your expertise to help find Nazi documents, maps, money, and related items. Lead Professor Pryor through Nazi captured structures to aid Allied Intelligence. Four levels of search and discovery game play.

This game is freeware, so please distribute freely. Non-violent.

You must have the DECEMBER 2006 version of DirectX 9.0c or later for the game to run properly.

Windows XP

DreadKnot Factor Battalion Commander
DreadKnot Factor Game

A fleet of dreadnaught sized space craft are threatening to destroy Earth. It is your mission to disable these ships before they can destroy the Earth. Recently updated with better graphics and the levels were redone.

Windows XP/Vista/7


Battalion Commander Game

You begin as a Commander of a single planet. Many believe you do not have what it takes to become the Battalion Commander. Conquer Solar Systems to prove your worth. Five levels of game play, and up to potentially 400 planets to conquer. Placement of planets and solar systems is completely random, so gameplay is never the same.

    UPDATE 3/27/2011:
  • Version 1.1
    • Saved files from previous version no longer load. Finish those saved games before updating.
    • Updated placement of solars and planets.
    • Added game balancing mechanisms.
    • Lowered planet production bonus of 1 second per 10 ships to 1 second per 5 ships (player only)
    • Increased planet production bonus of 1 second to 2 seconds on each planet for owning/controlling the solar. (player only)
    • Added event that causes random ship losses on computer controlled planets.
    • Increased the number of ships of player's home planet at level start.
    • Fixed an error that causes program to end when completing final level.

Windows XP/Vista/7


The 6 Villages of Reuben West End Games' D6 Adventure RPG Rulebook
The 6 Villages of Reuben Game

The Game takes place during the time of the twelve tribes of Israel.

The player starts in the ancient village of Tyrus. Players manage village resources to help grow the village to achieve mission objectives. Construct pottery maker buildings, small huts, bakeries, mud pits, grape vineyards, rock quarries, and other structures in your village. Send resources from one building to another to ensure craft makers have the natural resources they need. Ensure the Storehouse has adequate food for the population or the village birth rate will decrease.

Windows XP/Vista/7


West End Games' D6 Adventure RPG Rulebook

This book provides the fundamentals necessary to play in a Wild West, pulp fiction, modern adventure, espionage, low-level super hero, or similar setting using West End Games' famous D6 System roleplaying game rules.



Professor Pryor: Solar Sailor Galilee Merchant
Professor Pryor Solar Sailor Game

To explore the vast reaches of the Solar System.

Windows XP/Vista/7


Galilee Merchant Game

You are a merchant in the region of Galilee in the Holy Lands. You must earn a living through the buying and selling of commodities around the region. Beware of bandits and thieves who may steal your wares.

A combination of Battalion Commander and a basic RPG.

Windows XP/Vista/7


UF Option v2.2 Jevhy: Discovery at the Mountain Cliffs
UF Option v2.2 Game

After long delays, UF Option v2 is finally available. The game has been changed from 2D to 3D. The old school arcade playstyle has been mostly maintained. The game is freeware. You can copy it freely, but we request that you advise your friends to download it from our website. This way we can track how many people play the game.


The United Federation has now been decimated and neutralized before they could threaten the Coalition. Since the last Invasion Mission four years ago, the UF has instigated several rebellious movements within the Coalition on several planets. You have been given a fighter jet to eradicate all rebellious forces. Once again it is up to you to ensure that these movements supported by the United Federation are destroyed before they threaten the Coalition. Good luck, Lieutenant.


The Campaign takes place on eight different planets. You must invade all enemy territories to Search and Destroy. A completion ratio of 90% must be achieved before advancing to the next level.

  • 2/13/2011 - Updated to Version 2.1.
  • 2/23/2011 - Updated to Version 2.2.

Windows XP/Vista/7


Jevhy: Discovery at the Mountain Cliffs Game

In your short quest of discovery, it seems that you have become trapped. After seeing a neat little cottage from a mountain side above, you had decided to get a closer look. So you descended the side of the mountain towards the house below. At the base of the mountain you carefully slid down a fairly steep slope. You landed in the yard, which is on the south side of the cottage. Once you were in the yard, you realized you were unable to crawl up the slope from which you slid down.

And so, your adventure begins...

This is a Graphical Interactive Fiction game. You, as the player, read a story narrative and interact with it by selecting from options presented to you. The goal is to work your way through the narrative until you reach the end of it. At the beginning of the game you are put into a situation and must work through it for the remainder of the game. It is also reading software for kids and it can be classified under reading software programs.

Windows XP/Vista/7


The Package
The Package Game

This game is an exercise in solving a puzzle, one where the cost of failure is your life, and the prize for success the saving of many others. If you choose to attempt this exercise you must accept that you will not be successful at the first try. Your adversary cannot allow you to succeed and to this end he has devised the puzzle that will soon confront you. Write down or remember everything you do, keep a record of how many times you attempt this challenge and record each failure, for only by doing this will you find your way through.

Good luck!

Windows XP/Vista/7


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