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Regarding Reading Games for Kids

These Adventure Reading Games for kids are interactive games for readers ages 12 years old and older. The Reading Games for kids listed below are a combination of picture graphics and text instead of solely graphics and are designed to focus on improving reading skills. Each game is written so that the reader becomes the hero in the story within interactive environments. Rather than reading a story front to back or playing meaningless games, our reading games for kids are structured in non-linear and interactive formats. Each interactive decision allows the reader to choose which action to take next.

Many paths through the story of these reading games for kids are possible, allowing the games to be replayed multiple times. Some stories are set in a fictional landscape while others are historical fiction. Although the reading games for kids are similar in format, these reading games for kids do not need to be played in any particular order. Perhaps the software’s biggest appeal is how cleverly the writing and interaction maintains the premise of the reader as the hero and as the controller of the action.

These reading games for kids will be especially useful in reaching reluctant readers, particularly those who enjoy typical video games, as the text allows the reader to have control of the action. Additionally, because of the many different options within the story and the story environment, the games are likely to be played more times than just once, which is a great way to reinforce any learned vocabulary and build fluency. Reluctant reading is often caused by a lack of interest, but these reading games for kids are sure to provide ample motivation through their interactive format!

Games today are extremely dependent upon graphics and animation to convey scene events and imagery; however, our Adventure Reading Games for Kids are purposefully designed to engage the imagination of the reader.

Reading Games for Kids in the Classroom

We do have curriculum connection activities available for these reading games for kids for use in classroom environments. The curriculum includes using these reading games for kids in areas of reading, mathematics, art, map making, and writing. Please contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page in order to receive this guide.

The Reading Games for Kids

Jevhy: Discovery at the Mountain Cliffs

Jevhy: Discovery at the Mountain Cliffs GameJevhy Mountain Cliffs Game Screenshot 2

In your short quest of discovery, it seems that you have become trapped. After seeing a neat little cottage from a mountain side above, you had decided to get a closer look. So you descended the side of the mountain towards the house below. At the base of the mountain you carefully slid down a fairly steep slope. You landed in the yard, which is on the south side of the cottage. Once you were in the yard, you realized you were unable to crawl up the slope from which you slid down.

And so, your adventure begins...

This is a Graphical Interactive Fiction game. You, as the player, read a story narrative and interact with it by selecting from options presented to you. The goal is to work your way through the narrative until you reach the end of it. At the beginning of the game you are put into a situation and must work through it for the remainder of the game. It is also reading software for kids and it can be classified under reading software programs.

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The Package

The Package GameThe Package Game Screenshot 2

This game is an exercise in solving a puzzle, one where the cost of failure is your life, and the prize for success the saving of many others. If you choose to attempt this exercise you must accept that you will not be successful at the first try. Your adversary cannot allow you to succeed and to this end he has devised the puzzle that will soon confront you. Write down or remember everything you do, keep a record of how many times you attempt this challenge and record each failure, for only by doing this will you find your way through.

Good luck!

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Werewolves and Wanderer

Werewolves and Wanderer screenshot"Werewolves and Wanderer" is based upon a game of the same title as written by Tim Hartnell. It is from his book, "Creating Adventure Games on Your Computer," written in 1983. The text adventure game was originally programmed in BASIC, and the book is available online at atariarchives.org. Although this game is based upon Tim Hartnell's book, alterations to the game, including a new Graphic User Interface, have been made along with some alterations.

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